NEOWIZ’s Massive Gaming Debuts World’s First Stable Blockchain-Based Social Poker Game

Last month, NEOWIZ’s foreign affiliate, Massive Gaming, was successful in launching House of Poker, a worldwide social casino hold’em game. The company has successfully launched its first social casino game, House of Slots, which has received positive feedback from players around the world. Building on this success, Massive Gaming is set to launch its second social casino game, House of Poker. It too is expected to be a hit with online gamers.

To guarantee that players of House of Poker, a worldwide social hold’em game, have a positive and realistic experience, the game has been certified as fair by iTech Labs. The game’s inclusion of a live-face chat and a variety of hold’em tournament features makes for a more sociable experience.

Developers have also built, in collaboration with Polygon, the IntellaX ecosystem, which is already being used and supported throughout the world. This facilitates the decentralized distribution of accumulated awards, giving players more agency over their in-game worth.

Play and Earn

House of Poker’s Play and Earn framework is one of its most distinctive features; it enables users to earn blockchain Stable Token (USDC) by participating in a variety of free social casino hold’em games. Users will have the unique opportunity to exercise complete control of their in-game assets using this method.

Using USDC as a stable currency solves a major problem in many already-existing WEB3-based games: players may still receive prizes even if the value of the game’s own token drops.

In addition, NEOWIZ has made changes to the House of Poker economy to make it more stable and fairer for players. Play and Earn games built on blockchain technology have mostly benefited creators rather than players in the past, especially among smaller and medium-sized studios since the token-minting earnings have gone straight to the studios rather than the players.

House of Poker, however, is the first social casino hold’em gaming service to employ blockchain technology and implement the Play and Earn structure that may appropriately reward players in exchange for their contributions of stable USDC.

As more users contribute to House of Poker and receive rewards, NEOWIZ plans to provide even more interesting events for them to participate in. The game’s future growth and success are bolstered using a stable currency and the Play and Earn mechanism. With its global reach and commitment to innovation, NEOWIZ is poised to make a significant impact on the gaming industry in the coming years.