Poker Strategy Guides: Best Bitcoin Online Poker Guides 2019

Regardless of your experience level at the table, there’s always more to learn about poker – and the beauty is, the more you do learn, the better you get – which in turn, allows you to win more money at the poker table!

To help you maximize your profits on the felt, we’ve put together a series of poker strategy guides, where we’ll outline some of the things to remember at the table that’ll help improve your chances of coming out on top.

Online Poker Guides

Online poker guides are useful not just to help you familiarise yourself with the game, but also as they allow you to gain a significant edge over your competitors. In fact, most players at the table (particularly at lower stakes) likely don’t even have a basic idea of the poker hand rankings, and for this reason, it’s crucial your knowledge is better than that of your competitors. The fact that you’re reading this already puts in the right direction, so make sure you don’t stop until you’ve reach the end of this page.

Below, you’ll see some of the main poker guides we’ve put together:

  1. Poker Hands Structure: In this poker strategy guide, we’ll look at the hand structures involved with poker, including the worst, best, and mediocre hands. This guide will allow you to enter all poker games with absolute certainty that you know what you’re doing – and will help you win! This poker hand guide leaves out nothing!
  2. How to Play: Texas Hold’em: The most popular form of poker in the world today, Texas Hold’em is enjoyed by millions of players around the world each week, and this strategy guide ensures you know exactly how to play, what to look for, and how to maximize your chances of success at the table!
  3. How to Play: Omaha: Omaha has never quite reached the same popularity levels as Texas Hold’em, but it’s a useful game to know, particularly when playing higher stakes (as most professionals actually prefer Omaha over other variations of the game.) In our Omaha poker strategy guide, we’ll share the key differences between the games, we’ll look at the hand rankings, and we’ll also give you some stellar playing tips, if you do decide you want to throw your hat in the ring, and give Omaha a shot!

Poker Strategy and Tips

While you may have a solid understanding of the basics of poker, increasing your knowledge is vital, especially if you want to take your game from an amateur level, to that of a semi-professional. That’s why, throughout our site, you’ll find a number of poker guides and tips to help you enhance your game even more. (Our poker hand guide is one of the most important, so be sure to check it out!).

From helping you calculate your pot-odds, to showing you when to fold, when to raise, and when to just flat-call, spend a bit of time reading through our poker guides, and you’ll not only come out a more knowledgeable player, but also a better one!

One thing that should be pointed out – and we covered this very briefly earlier on in this poker strategy guide – is that the vast majority of your opponents will NOT have spent the time to read up on their game. This means that if you do put the time in and study all the poker guides that we have provided, you’ll carry a significant edge to the poker table when you sit down to play.

Plus, the strategies you’ll learn in our online poker guide can be applied both on and off-line, meaning it doesn’t matter where you like to play – you’ll find they’ll come in handy.

Know Your Poker Hands

It may sound basic but knowing your poker hands – and understanding what makes them either good or bad – is crucial to your game. That’s why our poker hand guide showcases how you can determine the value of your hand.

Now, you may wonder why you need to read through a poker hand guide – but it’s simple. For example, a 10-Jack of hearts may look appealing pre-flop, but unless you know when to play it correctly (i.e. when you should play it passively, or aggressively), you run the risk of siphoning off your balance at the table.

That’s one of the reasons why our poker guide section features a strong emphasis on poker hand rankings and we’ll show you the best way to play ALL of your hands, helping you to become a better, more profitable poker player in the end.

The above are simply summaries of our in-depth guides, so make sure you visit each page and carefully read through each and every one of them. Unless you don’t want to win, learning all that you can from these guides will ensure you have the highest chance of winning.