More Poker Operators Warming Up to NFTs

For quite some time, non-fungible tokens have been consistently featured in news reports from various countries throughout the globe. Even if the hype has subsided quite a bit, there is no denying the enormous potential that this technology has. Having said that, it is not unexpected that casino operators, particularly those in the poker sector, are still exploring methods to incorporate it.

PokerAces: The NFT and AI-based Poker Brand

A new NFT-based AI poker brand has been under development by a group of ex-executives from Full Tilt and PokerStars. According to i3soft, the firm that is creating the software, the goal of the project, which has been given the name PokerAces, is to make playing online poker more “exciting” by using new technologies and gameplays.

Every PokerAces event enables participants to avoid the traditional grind of tournament play and find out “whether they’re in the money” instantly. The first stage of the gaming experience in PokerAces makes use of AI to play down to the money much quicker than in traditional tournaments. With the inclusion of NFTs, the project is able to address the problem of RTAs degrading the gaming experience.

In addition, there are plans to add wearable alternatives to the NFTs in the near future. These choices will include things like sunglasses, headphones, hats, and more. Players will be awarded i3X tokens for their participation in tournaments, and they may use these tokens to buy customizations for their NFT accounts or earn them via tournament play.

PokerLook’s Innovative Model

Another online gambling provider that is making progress in incorporating non-traditional features like NFTs into its operations is PokerLook. It has devised a method through which its members may profit financially from their participation in the game. The only thing they need to do is create and stake their own non-fungible tokens.

The NFTs determine a player’s passive income, and the greater they are, the more money they may save. Users also have the option of earning more virtual currency by lending out their NFTs to other gamers.

PokerLook aims to reinvigorate people’s interest in the crypto industry by providing an experience that is both challenging and entertaining. While working toward being the greatest player they can be, players may improve their skills by looking over their statistics, racking up accomplishments, and competing in weekly tournaments.