888poker Refunds Record $287,292 to Players

Recently, 888poker, the popular online poker branch of 888 Holdings, revealed that as part of its fair gaming policy, it refunded a record sum of $287,292 to players for 2022. With 6,801 players receiving a refund, the average return is $42, a significant increase of 32% over the previous year. The refunds were given to players who were affected by policy violations, which were discovered during game integrity reviews.

Problems with fair play are nothing new in online poker. The most prevalent issues online poker sites encounter are those caused by bots and real-time advisor (RTA) software, which offers players an unfair edge over others. 888poker has put significant resources into developing its detection technologies to solve these issues inside its network.

Setting the Standard

More player refunds have been issued as a direct consequence of the company’s efforts to ensure player security and prevent policy infractions. This exemplifies the firm’s commitment to providing its patrons with a fun, safe, and unbiased experience.

“At 888poker, we take the issue of game integrity very seriously,” 888poker’s head of poker offering Matan Krakow said. “This year, as a result of our continued investments in technology, cooperation of our players, and hard work of our teams, we have increased the detection rate of bot accounts, RTA and collusion to give back almost $290,000 to players.”

888poker’s head of poker offering Matan Krakow

888poker has developed methods to discourage players from participating in unfair methods, such as refunding those who have been negatively impacted by rules infractions. Methods to ensure a level playing field have been implemented, such as introducing new technologies that can identify bots and other unfair advantages, stricter fines for rule breakers, and more personnel monitoring fair play.

Colluders beware!

Another pressing problem that has been raised about the game of online poker is collusion between players. To avoid cheating, 888poker has not only made investments in its detecting skills but also adopted preventative steps. The poker operator has been able to identify and prevent collusion more efficiently thanks to player education and suspicious activity reporting.