Unikrn Teams Up with ZED RUN for Blockchain Horse Racing

Renowned sports betting platform Unikrn has recently entered into a lucrative partnership with the ZED RUN horse racing game. The two gaming entities will be working together in a bid to bring horse race betting to the Ethereum blockchain.

Bringing Horse Racing to the Consumers

Lots of horse racing fans have always had the dream of becoming horse racing breeders and owners. Needless to say, most people cannot really achieve that kind of thing due to the large amount of resources that are required to sustain it. However, it seems all this is about to change thanks to the new partnership.

Horses racing fans will now be able to live out their dreams of being successful trainers and breeders thanks to the immense power of the blockchain. The new solution is based on the non-fungible (NFT) that was first popularized by Dapper Labs’ Cryptokitties. It is not just a way of bringing horse race betting to the world of blockchain but also an actual simulation of the real horse racing industry that we know and love.

“We’re trying to bridge the gap between modern-day wagering and blockchain. You can own a horse. Your horse can win prizes and your horse can gain notoriety. We’re catering to a very broad audience, not just young people,” Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood stated.

This is a pretty exciting development for both the world of crypto and the horse betting industry.

How It Will Work

ZED RUN has created up to a whopping 38,000 unique horses each of which will have their own unique set of attributes. These horses will be named after crypto bloodlines based on names that crypto enthusiasts will certainly be familiar with. Some of them include Nakamoto, Finney, Szabo, and Buterin.

The horses will be purchasable by prospective owners while they are available and once purchased, no more will be created. However, new horses will be generated by combining male and female horses from different owners and bloodlines. The result in such cases will be totally new horse each with its own unique attributes.

The data for each of the horses will be tracked using Ethereum-powered tools. Players will be allowed to trade horses via a special Unikrn platform. This is expected to pick up at about the time when the races start around mid-to-late March. Betting on the horse racing activities will, of course, be available to anyone who will be interested.

It goes without saying that this product is a totally unique and innovative way of expanding the horse racing market. The target market is the newer generation of horse racing and esports fans who are slowly growing in numbers all across the world.