Ukrainian Sport Poker Federation and VBET Announce Spring Pick Series

VBET and the Ukrainian Sport Poker Federation have just launched the Spring Pick Series, which will provide poker players from all over the world with a once-in-a-lifetime chance. This series, set to take place from March 4th to March 21st, 2024, is going to be more than just a poker tournament; it’s going to be an exciting adventure where players can show off their skills and compete for valuable cash prizes and special invitations to the prominent Ukrainian Championship of Sports Poker.

If you are a poker enthusiast, the Spring Pick Series is your stepping stone to the prestigious Ukrainian Championship of Sports Poker, where you may put your skills to the test against the best in the world. The Sonata Hotel in Lviv will host the spectacular event from March 21st to March 31st, 2024. Competitors are preparing for an exciting challenge where talent, strategy, and pure drive will decide the winners, with a guaranteed prize pool of over €150,000 ($163,443). Expectations are high.

More Goodies

To turn up the excitement, the Championship is split into three well-planned qualification phases, with eight thrilling events in each. There is an additional level of opulence and competitiveness in the closed Final of the Championship when the top three finishers from each qualifying stage get the coveted permits to compete.

Throughout the designated time, players are invited to join the tournaments held on the Stretch Network poker platform to fully immerse themselves in the amazing action. The entire gaming experience is further enhanced by the presence of this user-friendly platform, which not only makes participation very easy to do but also provides players with a plethora of options to strive for success and claim distinctive awards.

VBET’s Growth Streak

As a whole, the partnership highlights VBET’s persistent commitment to creating fulfilling experiences for its active community of contributors and partners. As the global gaming business evolves, VBET maintains its position as an innovator and pioneer by always challenging the status quo and redefining what it means to be excellent. But the company is not stopping there.

Expanding its reach outside the poker world, VBET has also recently established a revolutionary partnership with the Argentine Football Association (AFA), highlighting its dedication to the merging of entertainment and sports.

The AFA is a symbol of unparalleled athletic achievement, as they are the current football champions and have a legendary history that includes three World Cup wins. With VBET as its European regional betting partner for the Argentina national team, this partnership is sure to increase the excitement and thrill of the beautiful game.