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Our Bitcoin Poker Site Review and Ranking Process

In order for a Bitcoin poker site to be featured on our website, it must pass a rigorous testing process carried out by our team of expert reviewers, and below, you’ll see what some of the factors are that we use to take into account:

In order for a Bitcoin poker site to be featured on our website, it must pass a rigorous testing process carried out by our team of expert reviewers, and below, you’ll see what some of the factors are that we use to take into account:


One of the main things we look for, when making a Bitcoin poker site review, is looking at the generosity of the main welcome bonus. For example, if one site offers a 100% matched-deposit-bonus, while another offers only a 50% matched-deposit-bonus, clearly, the site offering the 100% bonus scores higher on the leaderboard than the other.

But that’s not all that’s taken into account. We also look at the terms and conditions of each bonus, to ensure that it’s fair to players, and that the wagering-requirements aren’t overly hard to achieve. And that’s just two of the factors we look at. When conducting a Bitcoin poker site review, we also look at which deposit methods can be used to claim the bonuses, and which countries are eligible to claim.

Payout Rate/Speed

One of the biggest problems with online poker sites, is that many players fear they won’t get paid their winnings when it comes to withdrawals. That’s why the payout rate/speed is a critical factor in our reviewing of online poker sites and we pay very close attention to what players are saying, to ensure we only ever review websites that are fair, and fast, in the way in which they payout their players.

Technical Aspects

Playing poker online is pointless, if you continually find yourself disconnected, and that’s why we always look closely at the quality of an online poker sites software. Is it built using proprietary software? Then we want to know it’s gone through the necessary security checks. Does it use a popular software provider’s platform, like Rival Gaming? Then we want to know the poker site is licensed correctly in the jurisdictions it offers gaming in.

Rest assured, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to ensure we only review reputable online poker sites. In fact, our Bitcoin poker review guides are regularly checked, to ensure they remain accurate, and reliable, at all times.

Safe and Secure Gambling

We briefly touched upon this in the previous section, but it’s such an important area of our Bitcoin poker site review process, that we feel it deserves its own sub-section.

Prior to writing a Bitcoin poker site review, we ensure ALL the site we’re going to feature, meets our strict safety tests, and we also ensure that it complies with industry-standards.

This means you won’t ever find us recommending illegitimate websites – or fraudulent operations – and we carry out a wide range of security checks to ensure that all sites found on our website are ‘playing fair’.

For example, one of the main things we look for, is whether a poker site is using encryption. If so, are they using 128-bit, or 256-bit? Is player information encrypted using HTTPS? If not – why not?

While we understand not all sites will have the same levels of protection as some of the largest websites, we believe all poker sites that allow players to play for real money should have adequate security measures in place to protect players, and this works both in terms of protecting players from fraudulent play, and from the operator’s themselves.

In the rare case that we find a Bitcoin poker review we’ve written falls short of our rigorous testing standards, we immediately remove it from our website, pending further investigation.

How to Choose a Poker Room

All that may sound a little intimidating – but finding a suitable poker room to play online isn’t as hard as it seems.

Below, we share 3 things to look out for when deciding whether or not a poker site is suitable for you:

  1. Does it offer a varied range of payment methods?
  2. Are withdrawals processed in a timely fashion?
  3. Is there a large number of players playing at the site?

If you can find a site that answers YES to those three questions, chances are, you’ll be playing in safe hands.

For added security, however, be sure to check out reviews, as we’ve thoroughly audited, and hand-vetted every poker site we recommend, and this means that when you choose one of the poker sites we recommend, you can rest assured that you’re playing at a secure, safe, and fair environment.

To see our top recommendations, click the link below:

And remember; don’t rush into finding a poker site. Spend a few minutes reading through our reviews, and make sure you’re comfortable with your choice before depositing any of your own money.